Sciatic Nerve Pain, Eyesight, Hairloss, Nail Loss

Sciatic Nerve Pain, Eyesight, Hairloss, Nail Loss

I am a 78 years old Italian lady and I live my whole life the traditional way. I had to face the fact of getting old with all the things that comes with it, and some extra ones.

Due to my various health problems my son took me to so many western doctors. Sometimes they could help but only for very specific problems and with strong remedies and with unwanted side effects.

I had 40 years of sciatic nerve pain; my finger nails falling off, my accelerated hair loss, my decreasing eyesight etc., at which doctors would comment saying “Mrs. Antonia, of course! You are old and getting older!” Somehow I could not accept that answer, at least not all of it. Inside I felt young and I wanted to keep being around my family and be able to manage by myself until time was due.

Then one day my younger son took me to Master Hou. After few treatments I began to practice his basic form of exercises called QiGong every day and now after more than a year my health is better than it was 15 years ago. My hair loss is almost gone, my sciatic pain has disappeared, my finger nails are back and most of the time I don’t need my prescription glasses to watch TV.

Last Christmas my son from Italy came to visit me, he’s 58 and one day going shopping with me, after a while he told me to slow down; he couldn’t keep up with me!

I want to thank my son for taking me to Master Hou and I want to thank Master Hou for giving me the way to be healthier and stronger than I was, giving me the chance to be around my family in a better way.

Marco’s Mother