Preparing for Fertility

Yin balances yang energy. Together, women (yin) and men (yang) harmonize each other’s energies.

Some women get pregnant quickly. Others do not. I have treated many women who are trying to conceive a child. It makes me happy to think that I along with other Western methods have been able to help these women achieve their goal of having a child.

First, women hoping to become pregnant should be examined to ensure that they do not have fibroid tumors or endometriosis—a painful uterine disorder—both of which can negatively affect fertility.

My most important advice for any healthy woman hoping to become pregnant is that she make her body pure and clean so it can welcome a baby. For at least three months—and preferably six months—prior to conception, she should eliminate all toxins from alcohol and any kind of drug—including over-the-counter pain medications. I also advise the male partner to stay away from alcohol for at least two months as well, because, like marijuana and other drugs, it can negatively affect the quality and movement of his sperm.

In terms of physical advice, following sexual intercourse, a woman who is trying to get pregnant should remain quietly in bed for at least 40 minutes, with a pillow beneath her buttocks to help angle her pelvis back.

I advise women to change their diet to one based on whole foods with an emphasis on organic vegetables, grains, and high-quality protein. They should avoid refined sweeteners, excessive salt, and any food that contains preservatives, and drink pure, filtered water. While you’re trying to get pregnant is not the time to be running long distances or pushing your body in extreme sports. Years of high-impact exercise or intense training can alter a woman’s hormones—so get plenty of moderate exercise - in particular the stomach breathing exercises that are so helpful in massaging the reproductive organs from the inside. In addition, this regular, gentle-to-moderate exercise helps you better cope with stress, as does meditation.