Goose: Move Your Qi

Attention, anyone who works at a desk! I cannot recommend this exercise highly enough for relieving tension in the neck, back, and shoulders. It is also valuable for helping to move stagnant energy from the breasts and lymph nodes, reducing the risk of cysts and tumors. The Goose was created to move qi up and down your spine, front and back, along a meridian. You may not feel the sensation of qi traveling along the spine when you first begin practicing, but you’ll gain a greater awareness of the feeling by repeating the exercise daily. Some may feel a clicking up and down their spines as the vertebrae align themselves, and a warm sensation in the upper chest and breasts as the qi passes through those areas.

1.         Stand straight with your feet as far apart as your shoulders. Relax your forehead, neck, shoulders, and arms. Close your eyes and clear your mind.

2.         Imagine yourself as a wild goose, flying gracefully across the sky.

3.         Pull your shoulders back as you extend and stretch your rib cage.

4.         Bend slightly at the waist until you feel your body weighing down your lower back and coccyx.

5.         Slowly and gradually roll your shoulders up and forward in a half circle. Your head will naturally tilt forward.

6.         As your shoulders move forward and down, slowly raise your head and then straighten your body again.

7.         You may repeat the motion slowly and in a steady flow for up to 15 minutes.

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