How to Get Your Best Sleep


So many women have busy lives, staying up later and later trying to attend to everything they need to do.  But a solid rest each night is essential to optimum health and balanced qi.  My new book, The Body in Balance, dives deep into my recommendations for achieving consistent and sound sleep.  Here are a few tips and considerations to get you started:

1. Keeping a regular bedtime is essential to maintaining your optimum qi.  Based on the body's 24-hour clock, the hour between 10 and 11pm really is the best time to go to bed.

2. Experiencing menopause?  Keep away from yang foods especially at dinnertime which increase the bodies temperature and increase nighttime hot flashes.  My advice: if you can smell it, don't eat it.  Some examples include hot peppers, ginger, raw garlic, basil, cilantro, and onions.

3. Good sleeping is related to diet.  Poor sleep is related to poor nutrition and potentially weak kidneys.  Try increasing your intake of bitter foods such as kale and broccoli rabe, lotus root, and lotus sprouts are particularly good for insomnia.  

4. Feng Shui is another popular recommendation for the bedroom.  Try positioning your bed so that the headboard, and thus your head, is in the north and your feet to the south.  The north is cool and dark, or yin; the south is hot and yang.