Foundation Classes Overview

Foundation Classes are from 6:30 to 7:30 P.M. on Monday Nights at 3802 Church Road, Mount Laurel, New Jersey, 08054


Class 1

Monday, March 4th

The first class is an introduction towards feeling the effects of qi and gaining an understanding of the underlying principals of qi gong.


Class 2

Monday, March 11th

The second class will do some review of harnessing qi and introduce three forms of qi gong breathing including, chest, upper stomach, and lower stomach. These simple breathing exercises have many benefits and effectively purge toxins and stale energy.


Class 3

Monday, March 18th

This class will teach the standing pole meditation to promote circulation of blood and qi. Helps to activate the meridian systems while stretching and aligning your spine.


Class 4

Monday , March 25th

This class will teach the “three whips” exercise and introduce the concept of storing qi energy in your dantians.


Class 5

Monday, April 1

The first of Master Hou’s animal and elemental exercises for harnessing qi, based on the motions observed in nature, is the goose. The goose is excellent for relieving tension in the neck, back, and shoulders as well as helping to move stagnant energy from the lymph nodes and breasts and help reduce the risk of cysts and tumors.


Class 6

Monday, April 8

This class will teach the tiger, which will help you to relieve stale energy and direct qi in a purposeful manner.

Class 7

Monday, April 15th

This class will teach the bear, a unique exercise that sends energy through the nerves rather than the meridians as in the other qi gong movements.


Class 8

Monday, April 22

This special class will teach Master Hou’s qi water recipe along with its benefits and how you can make this at home or on the go. He will also be showing the closing exercise.


Class 9

Monday, April 29

In this class you will learn Master Hou’s exercise called Shooting Sparks, which when done correctly can help sufferers of lower back pain, knee pain, ankle pain, swollen legs, and bladder and kidney problems.

Class 10

Monday, May 6th

In this class Master Hou will teach the Turtle Holding its Shell, a great exercise for relieving pain and tension in the upper back, neck, and shoulders as it helps align the cervical vertebrae. In addition, this exercise moves energy to the brain and helps clear the mind.

To register for a class please contact: or PH: (856) 234-3056

"I have been studying QiGong with Master Hou for the past year and I find it both calming and energizing. The class is a particularly friendly and supportive one with experienced students always ready to help newer ones." - Susan R.