About QRS

The QiGong Research Society (QRS) , founded in 1992 by Master Faxiang Hou, is an organization dedicated to preserving the ancient, natural healing tradition of QiGong through education and training, and by supporting clinical research. Through the study and practice of Qi Gong we hope that our students will experience the following benefits: Improvement in physical fitness and mental well-being, Relief of pain or physical problems, Increased immunity, and a feeling of calm, comfort and balance.

Meet Master Hou 

Master Faxiang Hou is a highly accomplished Master of Medical QiGong and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is the Founder and Director of the QiGong Research Society and Nature Phoenix. In the tradition of many great Masters, his methods of healing QiGong, Acupuncture, and Herbal Medicine have been passed down to him through his family lineage - father to son for five generations.

At the age of 13, Master Hou began training under his father in these healing arts. He and his brother are the only recipients of a unique and powerful form of Healing QiGong - Called "Ching Loong San Dian Xue Mi Gong Fa" which loosely translates to “The Black Dragon and Three Special Points.” As a young adult, he also studied under five other accomplished Masters in China, of varying specialties. He has undergone rigorous clinical testing of his healing ability in China, and has thereby been deemed a Certified Master in the elite International Qigong Science Association, as well as numerous other Chinese QiGong associations. Master Hou has had phenomenal success treating a wide variety of chronic and acute pain and diseases. To read more about some of the ailments Master Hou has successfully treated, visit our Testimonial page

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