Master Faxiang Hou treats a wide variety of medical conditions. Below are some of the conditions he has successfully treated using medical Qi Gong.



I originally heard of Master Hou from a number of women who told me remarkable accounts of how he had helped them with problems ranging from menopause to cancer.
My own situation, at the age of 52, was a fairly swift onset of arthritis, made that much more frightening because of the history of arthritis in my family.
When I first went to see Master Hou, I did not know quite what to expect, but I had tried medications and acupuncture, and nothing had helped. I liked neither the idea of taking any kind of pain reliever for the rest of my life nor the suggested surgery that seemed so invasive and with a doubtful rate of success.
Master Hou understood my problems with great compassion and understanding. For the first time since I realized that arthritis was taking its grip on my body, I felt hope.
After three months of weekly treatment, I can honestly say that the crippling pain that was both keeping me awake at night, and frightening me – was diminished by at least 75%. I could hardly believe it. I had not taken a pain reliever in weeks.
At this stage in my life, I am on “maintenance”, and finally feel that there is light at the end of the arthritic tunnel. Any level of arthritic discomfort is minimal in comparison with my original situation. The added gift of Master Hou’s Qigong healing is the tremendous feeling of peace, calm and general sense of wellness.
I regard my association with Master Hou as the recipient of his healing to be a great gift in my life.

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Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Ted A.; I have been married for three years and have been trying to father a child. After two years of unsuccessful attempts I decided it was time for a check up. I went to the hospital and had a sperm analysis. The results revealed that my count was 797,000, well below the 30,000,000 of the average healthy male. I was sent to an urologist and given medication that only made me sick and didn’t help my situation. After being told that I could never produce a child it was time to see my good friend Master Hou. Master Hou told me that he could help me. I was a bit skeptical but after four months of treatment I went back to the fertility clinic for another sperm analysis. I received the results the same day and to everyone’s amazement my count had gone up over 17 X’s for a total count of 17,000,000. The woman at the fertility clinic said she had never seen such an improvement in such a short period of time. I would recommend this non invasive non-pharmacological treatment to anyone, it has given me new hope and as my wife now says you are a man. THANK YOU MASTER HOU.


Herniated Disc and Kidney Disorder

My name is Nasri H B.. Almost two years ago, I met a lady from NJ who noticed that I looked tired and as she put it “walked funny”! In fact here is how I felt at the time:
I was unable to walk ten feet without holding on to something. I was unable to stand for longer than one minute before I had to learn on something and would sweat profusely when I stood longer than five minutes regardless of whether or not I was holding on to something. I was at least 80 lbs overweight. I had lost one kidney in 1976 and was living only with one kidney.

Needless to say that my quality of life was mediocre at best. That lady said to me: “I want to heal you”! I asked her how she would do that and she said that I should get in touch with Master Hou. I did and since that time, my life has changed dramatically: When Master Hou saw me he confirmed to me that I had two herniated discs and that I also had what is known as sciatica. He also observed that I was overweight and that my kidney function was deteriorating. But he commented to me that he could cure my discs and the rest of my ailments without surgery. He also suggested that if I followed his treatment and adjusted my life style, I would live longer, look younger and feel younger. I was skeptical and hopeful at the same time.

In the beginning, Master Hou gave me two treatments a day every week. During the treatment I would feel excruciating pain to the point of tearing! However, as we progressed with the treatment, the pain subsided and finally disappeared. Master Hou told me that he was pleased with my progress. However, he added that I should do the fasting with his Group in order to cleanse my body and lose unwanted weight at the same time. I did. Now almost two years later, I have no pain in my back whatsoever. I walk at least 20 blocks to get to my club and there I swim almost an hour every day. I have fasted three times for five days each time and lost in excess of 80 lbs. My stamina is better than it has ever been. When my regular Doctor did my annual physical he told me that my vital signs and lab work has never been as good as it is now. This Doctor had taken care of myh health for the past 35 years. He also said to me: please continue to do whatever you are doing. I continue to see Master Hou every Tuesday morning for my weekly treatment and look forward to gradually increase my fasting from the current five days to ten and to do the fasting twice a year for “detoxicating” my body and for general well being and look forward to many more years of healthy living under the general supervision of Master Hou!

1/25/09   Nasri B.

Metastatic Breast Cancer

Dear Master Hou,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the help you have given me, in the form of treatments for my fight with metastatic breast cancer.When I was diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer in August 1992, I was not expected to live beyond Thanksgiving of the same year. I had many positive forces in my life at that time, among which were the treatments you gave me. I still continue to go to my yoga class and the Coping with Cancer support group and to take Jessica herbal tea twice a day. I remember vividly the first treatment you gave me. I didn’t think that I could make it through that first time, due to the extreme pain. The last time that you treated me was in January 1997, and I remember the look on your face as you told me that you detected no sign of cancer. The last chemotherapy treatment that I received was in March 1997, and as of this date, I am still on a much-appreciated “vacation.” I received chemotherapy treatments on a continuous basis for four and one-half years.
I attribute much of my healing process on you, for even though I cannot get to New Jersey regularly, your strength and the remembrance of your treatments stay with me. Thank you,
Gail B.

Fasting Class

 “I was able to clear a urinary tract infection I could not clear with antibiotics… Still no sign of lyme in my blood!...My blood pressure is 120/60, before fasting doctors wanted to medicate me for high blood pressure. Master Hou is such a great healer and teacher! I would recommend his fasting class to everyone seeking to better their health.”   Jen Saemann

“Master Hou has such a wealth of information… He is amazing… I found the exercises and meditations very spiritual. This was a great experience and I will be doing it again. I feel very refreshed.” Kristin Boldaz

“As a result of the fasting classes, I feel re-energized. One of the many benefits I noticed was I seemed to have lost a great deal of turkey waddle from the backs of my arms… I feel I did tighten and tone my skin which has the benefit of looking younger.” Cel Loose

“I was apprehensive about joining Master Hou’s fasting class… I am so glad I joined. I felt very good while fasting, very stress free. I feel great… I lost 10 lbs… People told me I looked really good and younger too!... I am looking forward to January for the next fasting class.” Kathey Hoertz

“For me, Master Hou’s fasting class was a life changing experience… I experienced a level of flexibility and joint relief that I had not enjoyed in more than a decade. I think the greatest reward was I learned I could do almost anything I set my mind to.” Joe Boldaz

“Each time I fast I lose weight and experience surprisingly improved joint flexibility… My skin looks younger… I feel more sustained energy… I lost 17 lbs!... I recommend fasting under the expert guidance of Master Hou to all my adult students. You’ll look and feel younger after every fast. Jim Saemann

“I really enjoyed the most recent fasting classes. The camaraderie of the fellow class members as well as Master Hou’s teaching and wisdom were awesome! I lost 12 lbs and had good energy. I am looking forward to the next fast.” Dave Robey – Parent

“Thanks to the support and encouragement of Jenny Saemann and Michelle Dirks not only was I able to fast for 4 days but I felt good doing it. My energy has increased and I have lost most of the middle age weight that suddenly creeps up on us. I am planning on doing it again in the winter. Denise Sedor- Parent

“My husband Ron and I were both excited and apprehensive about doing the fast. Neither one of us had ever tried anything like this. I was truly surprised at how good I felt since I am diabetic… And what was truly incredible was how much better I felt fasting than I do when I am eating… The group energy really made a difference. I recommend Master Hou’s fasting class to anyone – it was a great experience all around and we’re going to do it again.”