I originally heard of Master Hou from a number of women who told me remarkable accounts of how he had helped them with problems ranging from menopause to cancer.

My own situation, at the age of 52, was a fairly swift onset of arthritis, made that much more frightening because of the history of arthritis in my family.

When I first went to see Master Hou, I did not know quite what to expect, but I had tried medications and acupuncture, and nothing had helped. I liked neither the idea of taking any kind of pain reliever for the rest of my life nor the suggested surgery that seemed so invasive and with a doubtful rate of success.

Master Hou understood my problems with great compassion and understanding. For the first time since I realized that arthritis was taking its grip on my body, I felt hope.

After three months of weekly treatment, I can honestly say that the crippling pain that was both keeping me awake at night, and frightening me – was diminished by at least 75%. I could hardly believe it. I had not taken a pain reliever in weeks.

At this stage in my life, I am on “maintenance”, and finally feel that there is light at the end of the arthritic tunnel. Any level of arthritic discomfort is minimal in comparison with my original situation

The added gift of Master Hou’s Qigong healing is the tremendous feeling of peace, calm and general sense of wellness.

I regard my association with Master Hou as the recipient of his healing to be a great gift in my life.