Healing Foods: Seasonal Tonics, Teas, Soups, and Foods to help heal, balance, and nourish your body.... 

Qigong for Health and Wellbeing: 3 part video series

Nature Phoenix:


Honey Lemon for Allergies:

Pearl Barley Soup for the Liver and skin rash:

Mung Bean Soup for the Liver and Intestines:

Ginger Brown Sugar Tea for PMS:

Mulberry Tea for Digestion/Constipation:

Purslane Tea for Thyroid and Lymphoma :

 Eggplant Tea for the Liver:

Black Bean Tea for High Blood Pressure:

Dandelion Tea for the Liver and Lung:

Pear Honey Tea for a cough:

Eggplant Tops Tea for throat, constipation, and hemorrhoids:

Fennel Seeds Tea for Stomach Pain:

Chinese Pancakes:

Scallion Pancakes:

Kale Salad:

Egg Drop Soup for Dry Mouth:

Congee for exhaustion/depression:

Congee for the full body, kidney and heart:

Sprout Salad to support the liver in the spring:

Tea for High Blood Pressure:

Tonic Tea for Digestion:

Winter Tonic Tea for the Lungs:

Pear and Date Tea for the Lungs:

Breakfast Winter Soup for heart, lungs, and kidneys:

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