Master Faxiang Hou successfully treats a wide variety of medical conditions using medical Qi Gong; these are some quotes from past patients. For full page testimonials, click here:


Literally tired of living, I continued my search for a cure. The cure was brought to me by Master FaXiang Hou. In a few weeks of practicing his style of Qigong and going for a few bodywork sessions with him I was like a new person
— Depression, Henrique T.

I would recommend this non invasive non-pharmacological treatment to anyone, it has given me new hope and as my wife now says you are a man.
— fertility, Ted A.

I am grateful for the wonderful opportunity to study this five thousand year old healing art from a true Master
— Student, PM

I would never have believed that this happened had I not witnessed this with my own eyes. Thank you for giving us hope and a chance for Jake to live a life without the fear of dying from accidentally eating peanuts.
— Allergies, The Schlessingers

When I met Master Hou nearly 10 years ago I had no idea how very much my life would change. Master Hou’s qigong has made a huge difference in strengthening my physical and emotional health and my general state of well being.
— Student, Debra Herman

I have been pain free for over a year. I have never felt better in my life. My posture is improved and I practice QiGong every day.
— osteoarthritis, JL

Master Hou has a special power to encourage and direct healing. If you are challenged by any medical condition, I highly recommend his sophisticated program of treatment.
— Aplastic Anemia, Jesse S.

My body is stronger, firmer and more flexible and my emotions are more balanced and stable. It’s been a joy working toward better health with such a loving and playful Master of the healing arts.
I am extremely grateful.
— Fibromyalgia, Peggy R.


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