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About Water Fasting

The QRS holds three 4-day water fasting classes every year, led by Master Faxiang Hou, each lasting 72 hours. The classes are held during the first week of January, June and October. Classes meet in the evenings from Thursday to Saturday and on Sunday at noon. During the fast participants will learn about the Qigong medical theory, specific fasting exercises to cleanse individual organs and discuss symptoms experienced. It is advised to try attending all of the fasting classes so Master Hou can monitor your progress and you can receive maximum benefit from the exercises he will be teaching. You will also will benefit from the energy of the group.

Students performing group fasting exercises.

Students performing group fasting exercises.

Breaking The Fast

Below is a recipe for Master Hou’s “breaking the fast soup.” It is important that you do not go right back to eating our regular intake immediately after fasting, and this soup and its ingredients are an important first step towards breaking the fast. Master Hou will go over instructions further in class.

Important- Read this section carefully

  1. When you break the fast you will first: blanche 1 Ib of kale (per person) in a small amount of water for 30 seconds. Eat this first before you have the soup. 2 or more hours after the kale you may have your first bowl of soup.

  2. You will only have the soup for as many days as you fasted. For example, if you fasted with water for only 3 days, you will only have the soup for your meals for 3 days. For the first day only have a 1/2 cup of soup every 4 hours. On day 2-3, you may increase the portions to 1 cup.

  3. Use small amount of fresh fruit for snacking.

  4. Do not use nuts, oil, eggs, dairy or animal products for as many days as you fasted.

  5. Do not eat too many starches; focus on a variety of vegetables.

  6. In the soup, as a general rule, use green vegetables with small amounts of grains like wheat rice and millet for as many days as you fasted. A small amount pasta or corn may also be included in the soup.

  7. On day 4, you may gradually add salads, beans and starches to your diet.

Students perform a qigong fasting exercise for the heart.

Students perform a qigong fasting exercise for the heart.


When Master Hou first came to the United States and started talking about qigong and water fasting over 30 years ago, he was treated with much skepticism as the benefits of fasting were not widely known in America. However, Master Hou’s family has been doing water fasting for generations as traditional Chinese medicine indicates that fasting balances our yin and yang. Today, fasting is seen as “trendy” in America with major universities such as John’s Hopkins leading studies that prove it can help deter Alzheimer’s disease, kills infections and early cancer cells, relieves allergies, cleans the kidneys and heart, and eliminates chronic disease. The University of Southern California studied the effect of fasting on healthy and sick people and found that a 2-4 day fast kick-starts stem cells into producing new white blood cells, which helps the immune system to fight infections.

You can find lots of information about fasting online, or purchase Master Hou’s latest book, The Body in Balance, for more information on the wide-ranging benefits of water fasting.

Common Questions:

Will I be able to work and drive during the fast?

Yes, most people continue all their normal activities. You may move a little slower but you will be able to keep up your normal routine. Many people have increased levels of energy and accomplish more during a fast. Remember, you are not taking time to eat, so that gives you 2-3 extra hours each day. We recommend starting on Thursday so that Friday is the only day you are working without food. Also, it is suggested to resist doing extreme workouts during this time replacing intense workouts for the simple fasting exercises you will learn in class.

What are the benefits of Qigong fasting?

There are many, but the most important one is relief from a variety of chronic ailments. People also report feeling calmer, lighter and more energized. As a general rule, the more fasts you do, the more results you will experience.

I am already very skinny, will I lose a lot of weight?

You may lose some weight during fasting, but after you may gain some of it back. Do not worry about losing too much weight because of a fast; if you are a very thin person you will maintain your optimum weight level. Fasting is not about weight loss, it is about purifying the body by cleansing the blood and organs of toxins.

I am addicted to caffeine. Will I get a headache?

Chronic users of caffeine may likely experience headaches when they go off caffeine suddenly. This is a completely normal reaction and not something to worry about.

What if I am on medication?

It is recommended most people go off medication during a fast unless you are the recipient of an organ donor. If, however, you are concerned about a particular health issue or medication you can contact Master Hou at his office before the fast and he will advise you. If you have any concerns during the fast Master Hou is available 24/7.