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Master Hou’s new book on qi gong healing is now available on Amazon. Great for all ages! Includes lessons from a true master on energy, breath, movement, and nutrition tips with over 50 delicious and nourishing recipes.


Energy Healing

Master Hou’s unique medical qigong uses hands-on and hands-off techniques which move and balance the flow of Qi, relieving Qi blockages and allowing Qi and blood to circulate effectively throughout the body. Master Hou has great success treating a wide variety of chronic and acute pain and diseases.


Upcoming Classes


Foundation Classes
March - May 2019

Introduces the basic theories, concepts, and first foundation exercises of Master Hou's unique form of traditional Chinese QiGong. Topics such as the concept of Qi (Vital Energy), the meridian system, the history of QiGong, and its current applications will be covered.

Continuing Qi Gong
March - May 2019

The Continuing QiGong class will build upon the exercises, theory, and principles taught in the Foundation Class. It is recommended that students take the Foundation Class before moving on to this course.

Water Fasting
January, June, October 2019

In this guided four-day Qigong Water Fasting Class, Master Hou will teach you how to cleanse and purify the body, the blood, and increase your energy. Special organ-cleansing exercises, QiGong health theory, and fast-breaking instructions including recipes will all be covered.